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We've teamed up with KiwiSaver specialist kōura to help you make the right decisions to get the retirement you deserve and expect.

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Getting your KiwiSaver sorted

Sort your fund type

KiwiSaver funds aren't all equal. Growth. Balanced, conservative, default, they are all very different, unfortunately being in the wrong fund can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Read more about choosing the right KiwiSaver fund.

The difference between getting it right and getting it wrong


Based on the average KiwiSaver client, 30 years old and on an $80,000 salary, contributing 3% to KiwiSaver. Right fund assumes kōura neutral glidepath, wrong fund assumes client stays in default fund.

Avoid the high fees

KiwiSaver fees are constant, whereas returns come and go. Research shows that lower fees (and the right asset allocation) are the most important determinants of returns over the long run. Make sure you are not stuck in a high fee fund.

Read more about choosing the right KiwiSaver fund.

Impact of higher fees


Based on the average KiwiSaver client, 30 years old and on an $80,000 salary, contributing 3% to KiwiSaver. ‘Low fees’ assumes kōura fees of 0.63% per annum, ‘average fees’ assumes average growth fund fees of 1.21%, ‘high fees’ indicates highest growth fund cost of 1.6%.

Understand what your
KiwiSaver can give you

Fundamentally we do KiwiSaver to fund our retirement. So we need to figure out how much weekly income we could get from our KiwiSaver in retirement. You should aim for 70-100%. Will your contribution rates give you that?

Read more about choosing the right KiwiSaver fund.

Weekly income in retirement

Graph weekly income in retirement v01 2x2

Based on the average KiwiSaver client. 30 year old on $80,000 salary, contributing 3% to KiwiSaver through to age 65. Income replacement includes impact of NZ Super

Align With Your Ethics

Make sure your KiwiSaver aligns with your ethics. Do you want your KiwiSaver supporting nuclear weapons, gambling, or adult entertainment? Use your KiwiSaver to shape the world you want to live in.

More about sustainable investing


Civilian Weapons

Controversial Weapons

Adult Entertainment



Why kōura

LifeDirect has partnered with kōura, NZ's most personalised KiwiSaver scheme to help all of our customers make the best KiwiSaver decisions.

We have been able to help you protect the important things in life. kōura can help protect your retirement which is equally important.

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