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2019 Podcast Roundup

*Check out some of our favourite finance and economics podcasts (yes, they really do exist)*** It’s almost time for the annual Kiwi shutdown where most of the businesses around the country…

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27 December 2019

Check out some of our favourite finance and economics podcasts (yes, they really do exist)

It’s almost time for the annual Kiwi shutdown where most of the businesses around the country take some time to unwind from the year’s pressures and catch a breath. It helps that the sun is shining and the Pohutukawa is in full bloom. While a festive break is great, there’s only so long you can spend basking in the sun on the beach or snoozing on the porch. If you find yourself itching to do something, catching up on some podcasts and learning is a great way to plug the boredom without getting sucked into your laptop.

There have been so many great new podcasts within the finance space that have come up recently. We think they are a great way to get up to speed on a topic that so many of us find so confusing. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of some of our favourite podcasts from 2019 that are worth binging on over the break or as you head into the new year:


1. So Money with Farnoosh Tarabi

So Money is an award-winning podcast that started in 2018 and focuses on helping you lead a happier, wealthier life. She interviews big names in finance, business and self-improvement and focuses on uncovering their unique story. Listeners can learn about their financial philosophies, wins and failures. With almost a 1000 episodes there's something for everyone. We recommend you bring with episode 966, Smart Spending Ahead of the Holidays and also episode 950, What’s the best way to start investing.

P.S. We may be a bit biased but we also believe the best way to start investing can also be by committing to at least a 3% KiwiSaver contribution. You can read a post about it here


2. Popcorn Finance with Chris Browning

What we love about this podcast is that it discusses finance in about the time it takes to make (and eat) some popcorn. In his own words, Chris is a financial analyst by day and a podcaster by night. We think he does a superb job of providing value on personal finance and often explains things from his own experience. The podcast recently finished the one-year mark and Chris provides quick and info-rich advice that helps those on a journey to financial freedom achieve their goals, and think of new and unique ways to manage their money.

 We recommend you start with episodes 156 and 157 which talk about Robo-advisors and making the choice between investing or paying off debt.


3. Planet Money from NPR

The economy explained. But, in a fun way. This podcast comes highly recommended by our founder, Rupert who tunes into it on a weekly basis.

Planet Money is more about economics than personal finance but it has great selection episodes that feel more like a lesson on pop culture. We love the storytelling approach Planet Money uses to break down some great economics lessons like episode 416 that talks about why the price of Coke didn’t change for 70 years or episode 555 on why milk is often kept at the back of the store. This podcast does a great job of making overwhelming economics topics less intimidating. With episodes of various lengths, there’s something for every commute.


4. Stephanomics by Bloomberg Economics

Who will win the trade war, and how? If the job market is so strong, why does your pay-check seem so meagre? Is growth slowing down because women are having fewer babies? Stephanomics, a podcast hosted by Bloomberg Economics head Stephanie Flanders answers all these questions and helps bring the international news to life. This is a great analytical podcast brings perspectives from experts that are moving markets and shaping the world. Admittedly, it may be of more interest to the finance buffs but it's an entertaining way to keep up with world economics without reading too many newspapers.

 You may need to scroll down a bit but we particularly enjoyed the episode on can’t stop, won’t stop working which talks about the swelling ranks of Americans that can’t afford to retire as well as the episode on India: All Growth, No Jobs which explores how and if a country can keep growing if it has no jobs for its potential workers.


5. NZ Everyday Investor by Darcy Ungaro

Produced by Podcasts NZ, the NZ Everyday Investor is one that we tune in to on a weekly basis and we love his focus on the Kiwi markets. In the show, Darcy interviews a whole range of Kiwi companies as well as finance experts to uncover the latest financial trends and dig deeper into financial concepts that most of us may know nothing about. There’s talk about passive investing, AI in finance, the new trend of property based funds and our favourite, KiwiSaver.

Darcy talks about all of this in a fun engaging way and it’s a great place to discover new things you may want to invest in or even get a deeper understanding of. Don’t know where to start listening. We enjoyed the one on Negative Interest Rates since it's so topical and the one on wealth building when you’re self-employed.