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Our KiwiSaver Funds

We offer nine KiwiSaver funds to meet diverse investment needs and goals. Whether you want to grow your savings, invest in specialty markets, or prefer a steady income, our funds are designed to build a stronger financial future. Plus, all our funds adhere to our Responsible Investing Policy, so you can feel good about your earnings.

Core Growth Funds

Our Core Growth funds offer KiwiSaver investors robust, long-term growth opportunities by investing in global stock markets, from stable, developed regions to higher risk emerging markets. Each fund has been strategically chosen to diversify and enhance your investment portfolio. 

Specialty Growth Funds

Our Specialty Growth Funds offer KiwiSaver investors targeted opportunities in sectors with high growth potential. Due to the inherent higher risk of these funds, investors are restricted to allocating no more than 10% of their total portfolio to each fund, ensuring a balanced approach to risk and reward. 

Core Income Funds

Our Income Funds offer KiwiSaver investors secure options aimed at regular income generation. These funds prioritise consistent returns with a lower risk profile. While generally yielding lower returns, they focus on financial stability and safety, reducing portfolio volatility. 

Core Growth Funds 1M 3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y since inception
us fund icon NZ Equities
-1.90% -4.32% -2.13% -3.74% 2.86% -2.57% 1.59%
us fund icon US Equities
3.52% 2.06% 19.04% 29.49% 24.96% 10.19% 13.70%
us fund icon Emerging Markets
2.92% 1.87% 7.91% 5.59% 3.01% -1.88% 4.10%
us fund icon Rest of World
0.07% 0.15% 12.28% 15.64% 17.44% 6.84% 6.95%
Specialty Growth Funds 1M 3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y since inception
us fund icon NZ Property
-2.27% -12.64% -15.17% -16.83% -11.55% N/A -12.97%
us fund icon Clean Energy
-6.03% -0.56% -13.49% -30.59% -16.89% N/A -13.72%
us fund icon Carbon Neutral Cryptocurrency
-8.43% -15.27% 47.85% 98.36% 78.07% N/A 42.73%
Core Income Funds 1M 3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y since inception
us fund icon Cash
0.37% 1.22% 2.47% 4.96% 4.47% 3.23% 2.14%
us fund icon Fixed Interest
1.02% 1.03% 1.39% 6.21% 3.92% 0.17% 0.37%

Fund returns as at Jun 30, 2024 and are calculated after fees, before tax and annualised. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.