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Facilitator Spotlight | June

Meet Gordon! One of the experienced Facilitators wae partner with and is featured in our Facilitator spotlight for June!

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30 June 2022

We asked him a couple of questions about his experience with conducting KiwiSaver reviews for his clients, and what it is like working with us. See what he had to say!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do? 

I have had over 25 years industry experience helping people who care for someone to have certainty, control, cash flow and dignity throughout their lives and into their retirement. 

What made you decide to include a Kōura KiwiSaver review for your clients?

Koura is simple and easy for my clients to understand, to use, to navigate to find any information they want.

It gives my clients the opportunity to invest in and create their own personalised portfolio that gives them more control over their investment choices and has a competitive fee structure. 

How do your clients respond to checking in on their KiwiSaver?

They really appreciated the opportunity to review their potential retirement savings and to have the flexibility that Kōura offers them. 

What is it like working with Kōura?

It is obvious to me in my dealings and my clients’ dealings with Kōura that their ethos is "let’s make it stress free when dealing with us."