Meet Kōura Wealth member, Kinest

18 October 2023

Kinest, says Kōura Wealth saved him from a terrible retirement he did not even know he was heading towards.

Like many people invested in KiwiSaver, Kinest had settled with a default provider that had a pretty low effort approach to keeping its members on track, he said.

“My last provider did a great job of bringing me on board. But whenever I had a problem and tried to reach out to the provider - multiple times via email, text, and phone call, I never heard back. I found it quite astonishing how hard it was to contact them,” Kinest said.

Only when Kinest went through the portfolio building process with kōura did he realise just how far off his current KiwiSaver plan was to achieve his goals for retirement.

Comparing the level of service, he received when setting up his portfolio with kōura, to his previous provider he quickly decided he was no longer interested and swiftly shifted over to koūra.

At kōura he was introduced to a whole new way of doing KiwiSaver, in which a portfolio was built specifically to help achieve to goals of the customer, and their specific risk tolerance.

“The thing I liked about kōura initially was just the website design. I liked the colours, and the way with some simple information I could build a unique portfolio for my goals,” he said.

It was also amazing to see the innovation Kōura brings to KiwiSaver, with their specialty funds such as Clean Energy, Carbon Neutral Cryptocurrency, and the Property Fund.

“I really love that you have these amazing options you allow the customer to invest in. Whether it is your personal passion, or just something you are interested in, it’s amazing to have this option for your KiwiSaver plan. “I think this just shows how much kōura is a customer first designed product”.

While sometimes the financial information involved in setting up a KiwiSaver portfolio can be confusing and overwhelming, the way the kōura team walked him through the set up was amazing, he said. The customer service from Kōura is on another level, to anything he had experienced before.

He said meeting with Kōura KiwiSaver specialist Christine helped him understand the ins and outs of KiwiSaver. “She was very patient, and pleasant to deal with over the phone. I found the whole experience very educational and overall just a great experience”.

Now he is with kōura he is not looking back and is even recommending several of his friends join up to see what real choice in KiwiSaver looks like.

*Members can only allocate a maximum of 10% of their portfolio to our specialty funds

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