Has Coronavirus impacted your KiwiSaver? Rupert Carlyon talks to the Edge about this important topic.

17 April 2020

Written by The edge

Our founder Rupert Carlyon spoke to the Edge this morning to give all of the Edge listeners a bit of perspective on what has happened with their KiwiSaver money over the past month and what to do next.


The most important piece of advice, make a plan to suit your goals and then leave your KiwiSaver account alone!


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Need to give your KiwiSaver fund a checkup. The kōura adviser will build you a personal KiwiSaver plan to match your risk appetite and objective (retirement vs. first home) and build a portfolio to suit you. The tools will also give you a clear picture of what your KiwiSaver account will give you for your retirement or first home and whether that will be enough.

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