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Member Stories Matt

"KiwiSaver shouldn't be frightening or complicated. Kōura makes it simple, giving you the confidence that your KiwiSaver is working harder for you"

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04 June 2024



Navigating KiwiSaver can often seem daunting and complex, but Kōura aims to demystify and simplify the process for everyone. In this member story, Matt shares his experience with Kōura and how we make KiwiSaver accessible and user-friendly for all. 

User Experience

"With Kōura, the confidence that my KiwiSaver is working harder for me is exactly what I needed. The process is straightforward, and having the ability to invest in different funds, like crypto and clean energy, makes it an engaging journey rather than a passive task," Matt shares.

"The ease of joining Kōura was perfect. From the simple onboarding process to using the app to track my savings, everything was seamless. This transparency and customisation were game-changers compared to the traditional banks," says Matt.


"Kōura makes KiwiSaver accessible for everyone. The process is broken down into easy steps, ensuring that even first-time users feel confident about their investments. It's about making financial planning approachable and straightforward," Matt explains.


By offering a straightforward process and a variety of investment options, Kōura ensures that members feel confident and engaged with their financial planning. The seamless onboarding and transparent tracking app further enhance the experience, distinguishing Kōura from traditional banks. Matt's journey with Kōura highlights the effectiveness of these strategies in empowering individuals to take control of their retirement savings confidently.