MoneyHub breaks down “how kōura is different from other KiwiSaver schemes”

11 June 2020

The financial journalists over at MoneyHub have been looking into kōura, investigating how the upstart scheme is challenging the status quo!

Kiwisaver is fundamentally built for 1st homes and retirements, and the team at kōura is going to keep yelling about it until our voices go hoarse. The discerning reporters at MoneyHub tend to agree with us and were broadly impressed by our offering.

Read their analysis on:

  • Our standout features
  • Our fees
  • Our portfolios & funds
  • Our sustainability


Read the full article. 


The kōura difference

At kōura, we understand that figuring out your retirement can be complicated - for most of us it is, after all, ages away! This is why before you invest in our portfolios, we give you an indication of what your KiwiSaver might contribute toward your objective. Hopefully, this gives a realistic picture of much you can rely on your KiwiSaver for your retirement. Give kōura a try now and see how your retirement looks

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