Understanding KiwiSaver with Hnry and kōura

17 August 2020

Written by Ben Jardine from Hnry

James Fuller (Hnry co-founder) and Rupert Carlyon meet up to discuss why so many of New Zealand’s independent contractors fail to take advantage of KiwiSaver benefits.

“We’re all about empowering people to make better financial decisions around their KiwiSaver,” says Rupert in the conversation. “And the question is all about, how do we get people to engage?”




The kōura difference

At kōura, we understand that figuring out your retirement can be complicated - for most of us it is, after all, ages away! This is why before you invest in our portfolios, we give you an indication of what your KiwiSaver account might contribute toward your objective. Hopefully, this gives a realistic picture of much you can rely on your KiwiSaver plan for your retirement. Give kōura a try now and see how your retirement looks


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