Fixed Interest Fund

Fixed Interest Fund Provide investors exposure to the New Zealand corporate and government bond markets.
3 years returns1

Fund Overview

This fund attempts to replicate the performance of the New Zealand Investment Grade Fixed Income market by investing in a range of New Zealand fixed income products.

Top Fund Holdings

Company Industry % Of Fund
KBN 1.25% 02/07/2030 6.77%
KIWI 6.254% 19/10/2028 5.75%
NZLGFA 4.5% 15/05/2030 4.03%
CASH AT BANK Cash 3.51%
POTNZ 3.552% 24/11/2028 3.33%
CENNZ 5.62% 06/04/2029 3.27%
NZLGFA 3% 15/05/2035 3.03%
AUCKCN 5.7340% 27/09/2028 2.92%
AIANZ 5.67% 09/05/2028 2.87%
BZLNZ 5.8720% 01/09/2028 2.84%

Fund Unit Price


Fund returns as at Dec 31, 2023
since inception
1 year
2 years
3 years
1. Performance is calculated after fees and before tax. Fund performance figures have been annualised where the performance period is more than one year. The Koura Wealth Funds inception date is 23rd October 2019. Performance returns are shown in New Zealand Dollars. Please note that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Returns can be positive or negative, and returns over different time periods may vary. No returns are promised or guaranteed.
2. Further information on our funds can be found in the kōura KiwiSaver Scheme PDS available in the document section on this website and in the fund updates
3. Underlying fund costs excludes $30 annual administration fee

Risk Level: 3/7

A lower risk investment fund that is appropriate for investors who are close to
retirement or purchasing their first home or alternatively used as a diversification tool to reduce the volatility of a broader portfolio. Income funds typically deliver lower returns, though will have a lower likelihood (though it can still happen) of incurring a loss.

Lower Risk
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Higher Risk

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1. Fund returns as at Dec 31, 2023 and are calculated after fees and before tax, returns over 1 year are annualised.
2. Excludes $30 annual fund administration fee and 0.3% facilitator fee for clients who use the services of a facilitator.
3. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance and return periods may differ.
4. Inception date for Core Funds was 23 October 2019, Inception date for Specialty Funds was 23 May 2022.