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Investing for a sustainable future with Kōura Wealth

Our funds and investment strategies aim to deliver financial returns whilst also supporting ethical practices, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.

Our commitment to responsible investing

At Kōura, we believe everyone needs to do their bit to ensure we live in a sustainable world. Though we rely on external funds and face limitations, we strive to influence positive corporate behavior. Our Investment Committee reviews our ESG adherence annually, ensuring continuous improvement in our responsible investing practices.

How we invest responsibly?

We use a two-step process for choosing investments: First, we completely avoid the nastiest industries (and then we only pick the most sustainable and ethical of the remaining companies). What’s more, we also take into account companies' behaviours when choosing whether to invest.

Our exclusions

We will apply an exclusion list that aligns with the NZ Super exclusions list and, where possible, exceed these standards.

Cluster Munitions

Nuclear Explosive Devices 

Anti-personnel mines


Whale Meat

Recreational Cannabis 

Civilian firearms, or parts.