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Facilitator Spotlight | July 2023

“The Kōura Wealth offering is really just solid gold for both client and adviser,” says Mortgage Adviser Matthew Dawe.

02 July 2023

Meet Matthew Dawe, our July facilitator of the month!

“The Kōura Wealth offering is really just solid gold for both client and adviser,” says Mortgage Adviser Matthew Dawe.

We asked him to tell us about his experience with conducting KiwiSaver reviews for his clients, what it is like working with us, and some of his favorite things about his job. See what he had to say!


Matthew Dawe - Mortgage and Financial Adviser

Working with Kōura:

Matthew has been working with Kōura for the past two years, and in that time it has become a key part of his offering as a mortgage and financial adviser.

“We love it, it is definitely a value add for us. When our client goes ahead with the mortgage we offer it as a little ‘do you want fries with that?’. It’s a short, simple conversation that can add a lot of value for clients.”

As well as offering Kōura during the settlement of a mortgage with a client, he also includes as part of his yearly annual review process.

“The Kōura conversation is easy to include when we are talking to our clients about retirement discussions, paying off loans, investing or in general about their financial future’’

“We get a big reaction from that from our clients. They see very quickly the value it can add to their financial lives.”

What do you love about the job?

Five years ago, Matthew Dawe made the move as a Foreign Exchange derivatives dealer, advising large companies on how to hedge their foreign exchange exposure, to advising kiwi families and property investors as a Mortgage Adviser.

The decision was a life changing one, that allowed him to focus on helping everyday kiwis and to build his own business from the ground up.

“I just get a kick out of helping people and seeing them succeed,” he said.

For Matthew, forming quality relationships with clients is a key part of the work for an adviser. This doesn’t mean being a transactional type adviser, but maintaining a good relationship moving forward and being there whenever they need help, he said.

“We have very strong quality relationships with our clients, that is a key part of our goals and values as a company.”

What difference has Kōura Wealth made for your clients?

For his clients that have chosen to have a Kōura KiwiSaver review, he has seen a large difference in their engagement with their retirement savings.

“I’ve just seen they take a bit more notice of their KiwiSaver. I love the fact that you guys do an annual kiwisaver review, it helps them to see their KiwiSaver as an actual investment and to make sure it is working for them.”

Many clients don’t know who to talk to, or are confused by the ins and outs of KiwiSaver. The fact that Kōura offers a human to talk to that can help them keep their investments on track helps to offer a level of trust, that benefits the client/adviser relationship, he said.

“Maybe they need to up their KiwiSaver contributions, or maybe they need to shift focus to paying off their home loan or investing in property, the review tool helps identify gaps for them. The Kōura conversation really helps with their long-term planning which I love.”

The Kōura system is well designed and easy to understand. It makes the KiwiSaver conversation easy, and adds another element of value that an adviser can bring to their client, he said.

“The Kōura Wealth offering is really just solid gold for both client and adviser,” Matthew said.