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Facilitator Spotlight | March 2023

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29 March 2023

Meet Tim Pearson! The April facilitator of the month!

We asked him to tell us about his experience with conducting KiwiSaver reviews for his clients, what it is like working with us, and some of his favourite things about his job. See what he had to say!

This is the facilitator version of how things work, if you want to see the client side of the story, check out this post here.  

Tim Pearson - Asset Finance Specialist at Quantum Finance 

Tim has worked as a finance specialist with Quantum Finance since 2020. In that time he has become an invaluable member of the team, and developed a highly motivated passion to deliver his customers the best possible outcome in their financial lives.

Working with Kōura:

Tim has worked with Kōura KiwiSaver since December, and the innovative and simple KiwiSaver review process has become a key part of conversations with his clients.

“KiwiSaver is such a key part of someone’s financial health, but 9 out of 10 clients I ask have never done a KiwiSaver review to check they are in the right fund for their age and risk profile.

“Luckily Kōura makes it easy to bring KiwiSaver into the conversation, and almost every one of my clients eagerly takes up the offer for a free KiwiSaver review,” he said.

The way Kōura staff communicates with his customers was excellent, and a key part of why he enjoyed working with the team, he said.

“The Kōura team are always on call to help both myself and my clients. The way they walk my clients through KiwiSaver in a way they can understand is truly phenomenal.”

What makes the job worthwhile?

It's the people side of the business that gets Tim up in the morning. He loves working with clients to help them achieve their goals.

He loves seeing a plan come together, and seeing the difference it can make in a client’s life, he said.

“Recently a client came to me and said that a plan we had developed together had increased the profitability of his business enough so that he could send his son to a private school. Moments like that make the whole job worthwhile,” he said.

Communication is key:

In his time as a facilitator Tim has learned just as much from his clients as they have from him.

His main takeaway was that the financial services business is a business of communication, whether that comes in the form of advice to a client, or figuring out what the best way forward for them is after a change in circumstances.

“The best way to get good engagement with a client is to give them regular updates. People want updates on their progress towards their goals, or changes to any financial plans you have made with them.”

Tim is fast growing his client base, and has seen some great success in the industry so far.

His goal for this year is to achieve $10 million under management.