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Give your kids a head start with KiwiSaver

Want to give your kids a financial head start? Whether they've started their first job or you're looking to save for their future, KiwiSaver is the simplest way. Set them up for success with KiwiSaver.

How KiwiSaver can support your family’s needs

KiwiSaver, Shares, or the bank?

  • KiwiSaver won’t always be the best solution for your family, as there are restrictions on when you can withdraw the money. But it is cheap and easy.  
  • Kids also don’t get membership benefits, like government contributions, until they turn 18.  
  • On the plus side, your hard-earned money is protected from hasty withdrawals, ensuring your kids have everything you’ve built up for the moments that matter.   
  • Your kids likely don’t have much income, so they’re taxed way less. How does 10.5% tax on returns sound?  

Their fund type is what matters most

Defining your kids’ strategy

  • The type of KiwiSaver fund they are in (Aggressive, Growth, Balanced, Conservative) will make the biggest difference to your kids’ balance down the road. 
  • Your kids’ KiwiSaver has a long way to go, focusing on growth with an Aggressive or Growth fund type will allow their KiwiSaver to get there faster.  
  • Some years will be better than others, don’t let the dips along the way turn you grey.  
  • Get help. Don’t be scared to ring up your favourite KiwiSaver provider and get them to tell you what works (or doesn’t). 

Let KiwiSaver streamline your family’s journey

Keep investing simple

  • KiwiSaver providers make it easy to manage your kids accounts, alongside your own, with apps or digital portals you can access anywhere, anytime. 
  • You can easily make voluntary contributions without any transaction fees.
  • With no minimum amount to join, signing your kids up to KiwiSaver is easy. Just get in touch with your provider. 
  • You already know how KiwiSaver works, save yourself the stress of learning a new way to invest. 

Start early for a brighter future

Support your kid's financial future

  • Information is key to making good financial decisions, understanding what contributions will give you is the most important information you can have. 
  • Get your provider to do the maths and figure out how much your kids’ KiwiSaver will give them, and whether you want to contribute more.  
  • Your kids' future might seem distant now, but like any journey – the more hard yards you put in at the start, the easier the end is.

Discover the Kōura Advantage

A Fresh Approach for KiwiSaver

Personalised Investment Strategies

Kōura Wealth offers tailored investment plans that align with the unique financial goals and risk tolerance of new KiwiSaver contributors, ensuring a customised approach to growing your savings.

Financial Guidance

With digital advice and access to experienced KiwiSaver specialist, you can confidently navigate your investment journey

User-Friendly Technology

Kōura Wealth provides an intuitive, easy-to-use platform, making it simple for new contributors to manage their KiwiSaver accounts, track their progress, and adjust their investment choices as their needs evolve.


We offer innovative investment options that include exposure to Bitcoin assets. This approach caters to modern investors seeking to diversify their KiwiSaver portfolios with digital currencies, combining traditional investment strategies with the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies