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Using KiwiSaver to secure the retirement of your dreams 

You have KiwiSaver, and you’ve been steadily saving over the years, now you’re looking at the end game, you just need to figure out how to make the most of it? The right fund type makes all the difference in this final stretch

You’re nearly there, reviewing your KiwiSaver now will help you go farther, faster

Don’t get complacent now, stay the course

  • You’re nearly over the finish line, but you shouldn’t relax just yet. Continuing to contribute up until the very end to continue to grow your balance. 
  • Make sure you’re not the victim of market noise and volatility. Switching to a conservative fund just because you're close to retirement might not be right course of action for you, it’s important to find an appropriate balance between risk and reward. Keep earning your returns. 
  • Keep an eye on your KiwiSaver, on-going reviews help you stay on track to reach the retirement of your dreams.

Look beyond performance and fees

Choosing a provider is hard, but bring it back to the basics

  • Just because you’re retired/retiring, doesn’t mean you automatically need to go into a conservative fund.  
  • You’ll want to keep earning returns long after you turn 65, you could be retired for 30+ years!  
  • Your money needs to keep working for you, you don’t have to take your funds out as a lump sum at 65.

Maximising your KiwiSaver withdrawals

Strategise your withdrawals for a sustainable future

  • Rather than taking a lump sum, consider setting up regular withdrawals to provide a steady income.
  • Regular withdrawals help manage your cash flow and ensure your savings last throughout your retirement.
  • Evaluate your lifestyle needs and create a budget that aligns with your financial goals.

Where does KiwiSaver fit in your retirement strategy 

KiwiSaver, shares, or the bank?

  • It’s not one or the other. All your investments (shares, term deposits, KiwiSaver etc.) should all work together. 
  • Your different investments are each a piece of the puzzle, you need to think about what the picture looks like altogether.  
  • Your set of options will depend on how you want to save and how confident you are in choosing your investment options – hot tip: KiwiSaver is likely to be the easiest and cheapest of all.

Discover the Kōura Advantage

A Fresh Approach for KiwiSaver

Personalised Investment Strategies

Kōura Wealth offers tailored investment plans that align with the unique financial goals and risk tolerance of new KiwiSaver contributors, ensuring a customised approach to growing your savings.

Financial Guidance

With digital advice and access to experienced KiwiSaver specialist, you can confidently navigate your investment journey

User-Friendly Technology

Kōura Wealth provides an intuitive, easy-to-use platform, making it simple for new contributors to manage their KiwiSaver accounts, track their progress, and adjust their investment choices as their needs evolve.


We offer innovative investment options that include exposure to Bitcoin assets. This approach caters to modern investors seeking to diversify their KiwiSaver portfolios with digital currencies, combining traditional investment strategies with the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies