Why kōura

Why kōura was born

kōura was created to give Kiwis more money for their retirement or first home. We create a personalised portfolio for you that’s designed to work with your goals and risk appetite, ultimately optimising your KiwiSaver returns.

Why kōura was created?

kōura was born out of frustration, the frustration that kiwis were not getting what they expected or deserved out of their KiwiSaver investments.

Digital advice is a very successful tool that was being used internationally to improve financial outcomes for people that had previously been unable to access quality advice. Digital advice did not exist here in New Zealand, and Kiwi's were missing out, so we created kōura.

Why are we called kōura?

After searching for a word that summed up what we’re all about, it’s fitting that we hit on gold. We aim to hand a hoard of it to every investor on their retirement day, and we fully plan on being the KiwiSaver gold standard scheme.

But this isn’t just any kind of gold we’re talking about here, it’s KiwiSaver gold. That’s why we looked for a uniquely New Zealand way to express this word. And what better way to demonstrate our proud Kiwi heritage than using Te Reo Māori?

So we named our company kōura. You may recognise kōura as a freshwater crayfish, but it also translates to gold and goal and has wider connotations of wealth and abundance – all cornerstones of our company.

Let’s build a retirement to look forward to

Good retirements don’t just happen – they’re planned for and invested in. Putting a few things in place now and you will set yourself up for a lot of good times later.

But these decisions don’t have to be all-consuming, you just need a little bit of help. You can ask kōura.

kōura will plan it out for you and help you remain on track.

Build Your Retirement

A stack of gold coins
A stack of gold coins


Keeping an eye on the road

With traditional KiwiSaver schemes, you invest and hope for the best. But kōura’s smart technology looks out for you – and the road ahead – throughout the life of your investment. If things change, we’ll recommend changes to your portfolio. No stagnation around here.

line graph

Keep your money

The more you pay in fees, the harder your KiwiSaver has to work to give you the retirement you expect.

At 0.63%, the kōura core fund fees are half the industry average growth fund. For our specialty funds, the fees are still a paltry 1.1%.  For a client that invests in all of our specialty funds, they will still only pay 0.67%**.  And if you’re under 18, we’ll waive our membership fee to help get you started on your savings journey*.

*Fees exclude facilitator fees of 0.3% if you engage the services of a facilitator

**Based on a client taking the recommended allocation of 3% of a growth portfolio (8.1% in totality). If a client maximises their allocation to specialty funds (30% in totality) they will pay 0.77% of their balance as the annual fees.


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