NZ’s top five money podcasts of 2020

03 December 2020

We’ve separated the maestros from munters in our definitive guide of NZ’s best podcasts covering money matters.


That little thing we like to call COVID-19 attracted more ears than ever to podcasts, which combined with the exploding numbers of new retail investors, has meant a huge year for money-focused podcasts. 

For interested Kiwis looking to plug into these new financial pods for your morning commute, how do you separate the fact from the fiction, the maestro from munters, and the scintillating from the sleep-inducing?

We have done this work, so you don’t have to. kōura presents the definitive guide of NZ’s top five best money podcast of 2020!


NZ Everyday Investor by Darcy Ungaro

An awesome podcast whether you’re completely new to investing or you’ve been a few times around the block, The NZ Everyday Investor is a great one to put on your list for its weekly release. Darcy tackles important things impacting the New Zealand markets with a whole range of interesting experts. The best part is that he keeps things simple as he explores big scary financial concepts that can be tough to get your head around. 

Our favourite episode: The missing ingredient in your retirement with our founder Rupert Carlyon


Cooking the Books by Frances Cook

Cooking the Books is a weekly series NZ beloved author and personal finance expert Frances Cook. Whereas Darcy will dig into more of the investor side, Frances’ pod keeps things nice and safe around the basics of personal finance.  From mortgages and budgeting to day-to-day expense management and KiwiSaver, Cooking the Books demystifies money problems that all Kiwis face.

We love: Why KiwiSaver could be lulling you into a false sense of security with our founder Rupert Carlyon


 Girls that invest

As we all know, the financial industry has long been a very male-dominated domain, so the boy was it refreshing when young guns Sim and Sonya started their podcast Girls that Invest. The two millennial investors are incredibly passionate about all things investing but are too young to be stuck in the industry hang-ups of boring jargon and boring topics. The pair help bring a young perspective and some real levity to a subject that is known for putting people to sleep at parties. 

The episode about KiwiSaver: 


Your Money by Mary Holm

 If you want to hear right from the experts, why not get it straight from the horse's mouth? Most Kiwis will be familiar with the 'first lady of personal finance', Mary Holme, whose commentary has blessed our airwaves for decades. Mary is the perfect financial voice for middle New Zealand, and her regular slot on Jesse Mulligan’s Radio New Zealand show covers off the hottest money topics and personal finance 101. You might not always agree with her as she frankly delivers her point of view on what’s going on in the world of money, but you’ll appreciate the no-nonsense way she delivers them.  

Some more on KiwiSaver: The outlook for KiwiSaver and other managed funds


TheOneUpProject by Sarah Kelsey

Led by the 22-year old Sarah Kelsey, The OneUp Project aims to excite people about learning and growing their financial pie. It’s targeted at the kind of listeners that might not be the usual audience for money podcasts, helping you hear about things in a relatable way. It’s more motivational than the other podcasts on the list, with a combination of guests to teach money matters, with entrepreneurs that share their personal journeys of success. Listen in if you want a splash of self-development to go with your journey to grow your financial know-how.

Our favourite episode (yes, again with Rupert): How to Make the Best Decisions with your KiwiSaver.


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