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A KiwiSaver plan that's perfect for you

5 million Kiwi’s shouldn’t be made to fit into just 3 KiwiSaver fund types. When a KiwiSaver fund isn’t right for you, it could end up being the most expensive mistake you ever make. kōura’s digital advice tool builds you a personalised KiwiSaver plan that’s perfect for you and your life plans.

Instead of making drastic changes to your KiwiSaver by switching funds at different stages of your life, kōura makes small, regular adjustments to your KiwiSaver investments to change your portfolio over time. 

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Traditional KiwiSaver recommendation vs the kōura recommended KiwiSaver path

Glide path2x v5

The traditional approach is based on the recommended glide path for ANZ (New Zealand's largest KiwiSaver provider). Glide path is taken from ANZ website on 28/10/2021. 


Lower fees, so you have more

kōura fees are almost half the industry average at 0.63%. For the average KiwiSaver member, that means over $50k more in your account when you retire! At kōura you get personalised KiwiSaver advice without the usual high cost.

If you’re under 18, we’ll waive our membership fee to help get you started on your savings journey.


kōura fees are almost half the industry average

% %
kōura asset based fees 5
Average growth fund asset based fees 4

 4. Source: Morningstar KiwiSaver Report: 30 September 2019

 5. kōura's 0.63% fees are based on a client signing up directly through kōura's website. If a client joins kōura through a Facilitator fees are 0.93% to reflect the Facilitator service. 


Sustainable and ethical investments you can feel good about

We all need to do our bit to ensure we live in a sustainable world. At kōura, we do that by ensuring we only invest in the things that we, and you, can be proud of.

We employ a two-step process for choosing investments, we avoid the nastiest industries in totality and then we only pick the most sustainable and ethical of the remaining companies based on extensive MSCI research.



Civilian Weapons

Controversial Weapons

Adult Entertainment




A proven investment strategy that grows your balance

kōura follows a proven passive investing strategy, just like other well-known investors such as NZ Super and Warren Buffet. It’s a tested strategy that’s proven to make you more money – and for the average KiwiSaver account, it would’ve made them thousands of dollars better off over the past few years.

If all KiwiSaver funds had followed kōura’s passive investment strategy, New Zealand would be billions of dollars richer!

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Passive returns perform better than the average KiwiSaver Fund

% %
Passive growth fund returns post fees2
Average growth fund returns post fees3

2. Morningstar KiwiSaver Report: 30 September 2019, 3 year growth fund index return less 0.63% fees
3. Morningstar 3 year average growth fund return 30 September 2019


Your money, in safe hands

When you trust kōura with your KiwiSaver savings, you’re also trusting some of the biggest and best names in the business. We invest our international funds into BlackRock funds (the world’s largest fund managers) and we build our domestic funds with Hobson Wealth (one of New Zealand’s largest wealth managers)

We work with the industry’s best, to deliver the best outcomes for you.


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100% Kiwi owned & operated

Did you know that over 75% of the KiwiSaver industry is foreign-controlled? By our estimates, that’s over $350m in fees being sent offshore every year.

When’s the last time an Australian looked out for a Kiwi? It’s time to take back control of our money.


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Meet our Expert Team

Warren Couillault


Warren is New Zealand's KiwiSaver guru. And when you're running a KiwiSaver company, it's pretty great to have him on board. Warren was a crucial member of the team that created the Fisher Funds KiwiSaver scheme in 2007 and the award-winning Generate KiwiSaver scheme in 2011.

Now the CEO of Hobson Wealth Partners, one of New Zealand's largest wealth managers and a key strategic partner for kōura, Warren is also the Chairman of kōura and sits on our Investment Committee. His role is to help steer the team, making sure they continue to deliver great financial outcomes for you.

Rupert Carlyon

Founder, Managing Director

Rupert has worked in financial service roles his entire career - starting at global investment bank UBS, where he had a slew of roles in London and Auckland.

Returning to New Zealand in 2014, Rupert was disappointed to see the KiwiSaver market had not moved on since he left. Seven years on, New Zealanders were still being given the same stock-standard, three-fund offering and he could see that KiwiSaver was not really working for everyone.

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