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Did you know that over 75% of the KiwiSaver industry is foreign-controlled? 

Last year, of the more than $522 million (yes you read that right) taken in Kiwisaver management fees, $383 million of that would go to line the pockets of foreign-owned Kiwisaver managers.

For the majority of Kiwi's that chose a foreign KiwiSaver manager, that decision has probably cost them thousands of dollars.  On average, the Kiwi owned and operated KiwiSaver schemes have performed better than their foreign counterparts!

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Kiwi fund managers outperform!

Locally-owned KiwiSaver managers have consistently given New Zealanders better bang for their buck. Our analysis of Morningstar research shows that over the last five years, Kiwi owned managers have outpaced the market across all of the four key fund categories

The difference between domestic and foreign Growth KiwiSaver performance

% %

 Source: Morningstar Research, Q1 2020 KiwiSaver Performance Summary

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