What are kōura’s fees?

kōura charges an annual fund fee of 0.63% on our Core Funds and 1.1% on our Specialty Funds, this is excluding the facilitator fee of 0.3% (for clients who use the services of a facilitator).  The fee is based on your average account balance across your kōura funds.  You will also pay an administration fee of $30 per year for anyone over 18 years old.   This administration fee is waived for members under 18 years of age.

The exact fees that you pay will depend on your own individual allocation of kōura funds and account balance.

How are fees calculated on your annual member statement?

On your annual member statement, to calculate the dollar fees that you have been charged we use what is known as a 'cents per units' methodology.

Our investment management fee for our Core Funds of 0.63% per annum and our Specialty Funds management fee of 1.1% (excluding the facilitator fee of 0.3%, for clients who use the services of a facilitator), represents a small fraction of the daily unit price.

This small fraction is multiplied by your daily balance across your funds and the total of these amounts accumulated through the year is shown on your annual member statement against the heading "Management and Administration charges".

We also charge a membership fee of $2.50 per month.