Can I transfer my Aussie Super to kōura?

Yes you can. Currently the process to transfer funds requires you to initiate the process. Unfortunately we cannot do this on your behalf. If you have money invested in an Australian Superannuation fund, you will need to initiate the transfer process on your own by requesting the required documentation from them.

The steps are laid out here on the Australian Tax Office website. But these are the highlights. 

  1. You need to have permanently emigrated to New Zealand – you need to sign a statutory declaration stating this is the case, and provide proof of residence at an address in New Zealand
  2. Contact your Australian super fund and request the whole balance of your super savings be transferred to a KiwiSaver scheme
  3. Have a KiwiSaver scheme ready to receive the transferred funds and ensured the KiwiSaver scheme is going to accept your Australian transfer (of which kōura is one)