Is KiwiSaver right for me?

Joining KiwiSaver is popular – but what are the main reasons to sign up? 

Your employer and the government give you money

Employers are required to match your contributions (to a 3% cap) and the Government will give you up to $521 per year provided you make a minimum contribution of $1,042. So if you are an employee and over 18 years old, you are likely to qualify for the free money by investing in your KiwiSaver.

It can help you get into your own home

You can use your KiwiSaver money as a deposit for your first home (as long as you meet a few requirements). Many young Kiwis are using their KiwiSaver balance as a part of their deposit. 
Through KiwiSaver, you also might be eligible for extra money from the government to help you into your first home.

You’ll earn money on your contributions

Many people think your KiwiSaver balance is just what you, your employer and the government put in. But we put your money to work and keep it working, even on the weekends. Your contributions will continue to be invested as they roll in. 

Your retirement will be more comfortable

The retirement landscape is changing in New Zealand. Living expenses have increased and not everyone will have a mortgage-free home in retirement, like many of our parents. New Zealand Superannuation might not give you the lifestyle you’d like.
It’s likely you’ll need extra money to keep you going through your retirement, and KiwiSaver money becomes a large part of that.
Even if you’re not going to be retiring for quite a few years, it’s worth thinking about keeping up your KiwiSaver contributions. It’s also a great idea to ask yourself if you can afford to increase them.