I’ve been in KiwiSaver a while now. Am I in a default kiwisaver?

Many of us were opted in automatically at first and never looked into it. If this is you, good news: you may have more in your account than you realised!

However, you may not be making the most of your KiwiSaver plan. Perhaps you might not be getting the maximum amount of Government money you could be getting yearly, or you may be in the wrong Prescribed Investor Rate, or you may be in a KiwiSaver fund that's entirely wrong for your situation. Basically, you may be losing out on your retirement!

It definitely pays to check. Look for any letters or documentation telling you where your KiwiSaver account is. If you’re not sure who your provider is, you can find out by signing up to myIR Secure Online Services, or by calling Inland Revenue.

Or you can just switch to kōura and you always will know what fund you are in. You even don't need to contact your current provider.