Why is it important to get advice on my KiwiSaver fund?

53% of Kiwis are in the wrong KiwiSaver fund, being in the wrong fund can result in your KiwiSaver balance being up to 30% lower at your retirement than if you had an appropriate set of funds. That's hundreds of thousands of dollars you are putting at risk.

Being in a fund which is too conservative (predominantly cash or income assets) will mean that you are at risk of not meeting your objective as the returns will be lower. Being in a fund which is too risky means that you might be exposed to a market downturn at a time when you need to access your capital. 

kōura offers you free advice to make sure you always know what portfolio of funds is best for you. We are a digital adviser that’s able to understand your KiwiSaver investment objectives and risk appetite and tailor a profile that’s entirely personalised to you. For more details on this, see here.