Fees and asset allocation are the largest drivers of performance

Lower fees means more KiwiSaver for you

KiwiSaver fees will be one of the biggest expenses you will pay in your lifetime.  The more you pay in fees, the smaller your KiwiSaver balance will be in the future. 

At kōura we charge half the average KiwiSaver fees, so that your investment will compound quicker to help you with a better retirement.

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Fees really do matter

Fees are the only constant in investing, they are paid whether your fund goes up or down.  Strong fund performance very rarely sustains itself over a long period of time and is typically a short term phenomenon.  Fees (and asset allocation) are the two constants that will drive long term performance.


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Impact of fees on your retirement KiwiSaver balance

Fees do matter 4

Based on individual earning $80,000 / annum contributing 3% and then being matched by their employer with savings starting at age 30. 

kōura’s fees are half the industry average!

Our fees are a very low 0.63% of AUM with a $30 annual membership fee, which is significantly lower than the average growth fund cost of over 1.3%.  That’s a saving of $40,000 for the average KiwiSaver over their lifetime.


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kōura’s fees vs largest Growth funds' fees

competitors fees ppt 1 v2

Source: Sorted website, 1.02.2021


We want the best for all Kiwis

Personalised KiwiSaver Plan
Personalised KiwiSaver Plan

We create a personalised KiwiSaver plan to help you make the most out of your KiwiSaver.

Keeping your KiwiSaver on-track
Keeping your KiwiSaver on-track

We check in with you every year to make sure we’re working towards your financial goals.

Sustainable Funds
Sustainable Funds

We all want to make sure we build a future that we can be proud of - we invest with our planet and our people as a priority

Kiwi Owned
Kiwi Owned

75% of KiwiSaver funds are overseas companies. NZ owned funds have outperformed foreign funds.

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