Lower KiwiSaver scheme fees means more KiwiSaver savings for you!

Have you ever thought about your KiwiSaver scheme fees?

With no monthly invoice, most people never consider the hundreds of dollars coming out of their accounts every year, but anyone with a KiwiSaver account needs to think long & hard about these fees.   


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kōura's low fees could save you over $50,000

At kōura we pride ourselves on having some of the lowest fees in the industry at 0.63%, with a standard membership fee of $30 per annum — that’s almost half the industry average. 

For the average KiwiSaver account lifetime, that fee reduction would equate to $50,000 extra savings by choosing kōura, on fees alone.  

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kōura fees are almost half the industry average

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Source: Morningstar Q1 2020 survey

What will your fees be?

We’ve designed our simplified investment approach so we can offer low-cost fees to our investors. Our portfolios incur a management fee of 0.63% per annum.

We all know how important it is to start investing early. To make it that little bit easier, we don’t charge our administration fee to any members under the age of 18.



Why choose kōura?

Low Fees
Low Fees

kōura members pay half the fees of the average growth fund.  More money for your first home!

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Proven Strategy
Proven Strategy

kōura is a passive investor because it works. Less fees, less friction, and more results.

Your questions about passive answered here.

Sustainable Funds
Sustainable Funds

Profits and purpose don’t have to be enemies. We steer clear of weapons, tobacco, and gambling.

Learn more about our principles.

Strong Partnerships
Strong Partnerships

We’ve teamed up with some of the best - our partners manage over US$1 trillion in assets.

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