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We're kōura, and in our opinion, we are NZ's most personalised KiwiSaver scheme. We'll help you create a KiwiSaver plan that’s perfect for you, allowing you to choose between our nine KiwiSaver funds.

Our fees are low, we’re Kiwi-owned, we invest your funds ethically and sustainably, and joining only takes two minutes!

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Setting Kiwis Free

No one is the same - we don’t believe in making five million Kiwis fit into just three KiwiSaver fund types.

With our nine funds you get to choose whether you want to invest in traditional funds like US Equities, or specialty themes like Clean Energy or Crypto Currencies, the choice is yours. 

You can choose for yourself, or you can let the kōura digital advice tool build a KiwiSaver plan for you.

Choice and freedom, with kōura

Low Fees
Low Fees
You choose
You choose
Ethical Investing
Ethical Investing
On track always
On track always

The freedom to take control

We offer you the freedom to make your own investment choices. You can choose between our Core Growth Funds (different global equity exposures), our Core Income Funds (Fixed Income and Cash), or our Specialty Growth Funds (Clean Energy, Cryptocurrency, or Property). 

You can pretend to be a regular old Warren Buffet and build your own portfolio of funds, or you can let the kōura digital tool do the heavy lifting for you - it's your choice. 

Lower fees, so you have more

The more you pay in fees, the harder your KiwiSaver account has to work to give you the retirement you expect.

At 0.63%, the kōura core fund fees are half the industry average growth fund. For our specialty funds, the fees are still a paltry 1.1%.  For a client that invests in all of our specialty funds, they will still only pay 0.67%**.  And if you’re under 18, we’ll waive our membership fee to help get you started on your savings journey*.

*Fees exclude facilitator fees of 0.3% if you engage the services of a facilitator

**Based on a client taking the recommended allocation of 3% of a growth portfolio (8.1% in totality). If a client maximises their allocation to specialty funds (30% in totality) they will pay 0.77% of their balance as the annual fees.

Sustainable and ethical investments you can feel good about

We’re big believers in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing, and take it into consideration in all of our investment decisions.

We use a two-step process for choosing investments: First, we completely avoid the nastiest industries (and then we only pick the most sustainable and ethical of the remaining companies). What’s more, we also take into account companies' behaviours when choosing whether to invest.

We all need to do our bit to ensure we live in a sustainable world. We only invest in the things that we, and you, can be proud of.

Your savings, invested with the best

When you trust kōura with your KiwiSaver savings, you’re also trusting some of the biggest and best names in the business. We invest our core international growth funds into BlackRock funds (the world’s largest fund managers) and we build our domestic funds with the assistance of Hobson Wealth (one of New Zealand’s largest wealth managers) and our crypto currency fund is built with Fidelity (the worlds fourth largest asset manager).

We work with the industry’s best, to deliver the best outcomes for you. 

Kiwi owned & operated

Did you know that over 75% of the KiwiSaver industry is foreign-controlled? By our estimates, that’s over $350m in fees being sent offshore every year. 

When’s the last time an Australian looked out for a Kiwi? It’s time to take back control of our money. 


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"Everything is very transparent and easy to see. I couldn't be happier""Our favourite KiwiSaver fund for helping you 

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"Our favourite KiwiSaver fund for helping you maximise your retirement""Our favourite KiwiSaver fund for helping 

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"kōura makes my KiwiSaver feel more like a valued investment rather than a forgotten savings account like it did with my bank"